Membership and Contacts

Graham Spencer-Brown

"AICG Chairman" means the Chairman of the AICG nominated in accordance with section 4.1 of the Terms of Reference.

Section 4.1 reads: "The AICG Chairman will be appointed in alternate years by the LMA Aviation Committee and the IUA ATC, or as otherwise agreed between these two committees. The AICG shall establish the appropriate procedures for the appointment of its chairman, the qualifications required and the circumstances in which the Chairman would cease in his/her function."

Contact:  C/o International Underwriting Association, 8th Floor, 1 Minster Court,  Mincing Lane, London, EC3R 7AA

Deputy Chairman
Mark Gimson

Section 4.4 states that "a Deputy Chairman will equally rotate on an annual basis between the LMA Aviation Committee and IUA ATC or as otherwise agreed between the two committees. Where possible the Deputy Chairman will be a nominee from the association which that year does not hold the Chair.

Graham Spencer-Brown
Steve Brown, LMA
Corinne Debain, FSSA
Jill Epps, LMA
Mark Gimson, LMA
Gary Hendries, Swiss Re
Gareth Howell, IUA
Roland K├╝sters, Munich Re
Sophie Moysan, FFSA
Tony Powles, IUA
Arabella Ramage, IUA
Jette Varnals, IUA
Ruth Wahner, Hannover-Re
Robert Wilkinson, IUA
Sarah Talbot, IUA
Linda Syme, LMA
Gillian Doggett, LMA

"AICG Members" or "Members" means individuals that have been nominated in accordance with sections 3.1, 3.3 or 3.4 of the Terms of Reference.

Section 3.1 states that  "Membership of the AICG will be open to individuals who have either legal or technical expertise, and relevant practical experience and who are employed by an undertaking active in underwriting Aviation Insurance in any Member State of the European Union."

Section 3.3 states that "both the LMA Aviation Committee and IUA ATC will each nominate up to six representatives from their Association Members to attend meetings."

Section 3.4. provides that the Group may also include in its membership [individuals employed by] undertakings active in Aviation underwriting in any EU State.


Nicholas Hughes, Holman, Fenwick, Willan LLP

Under section 3.1, "LMA Aviation Committee and IUA ATC can nominate two Experts as full participating Members of the AICG."


The Terms of Reference do not specify any criteria for appointment of the Secretary, other than stating (Section 4.7) that "the Secretary to the AICG will be either from LMA or IUA, whoever is available for the meeting."

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